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1. I prefer a waist that is:

When a waist is too big, it gaps. If it's too tight, it's uncomfortable and can squeeze or pinch. A properly fitting waistband should sit comfortably at your waist.

  • I like a waistband that gives me a little more room. With an extra inch or so, I can relax knowing my jeans aren't too tight or binding.

  • My waist is average and most pants fit comfortably in the waist. There's no gapping, they're not too tight and the fit is just right.

  • My small waist needs special attention. Gapping is often an issue, and the solution isn't always a belt.

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Find out how new waistband technology can offer style and comfort without gapping.

2. I prefer a thigh that is:

It's reassuring to know that I can find a pair of pants that fits my thighs and at the same time is flattering. A little more room or a slightly slimmer cut makes all the difference.

  • I like a roomy and loose fit through the thigh. I know what I need and look great when I find it.

  • Most jeans that are straight through the thigh fit me just fine. They're not too tight, not too baggy and are always comfortable.

  • I like my pants to be more fitted through the thigh. A little less fabric and a slimmer cut is a better fit for me.

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Learn how the cut of a jean is designed to fit and flatter the shape of your thigh.

3. I prefer a stomach that offers:

Having a choice is everything. You get to decide what's right for you. That's the beauty of stomach control. Some find it the perfect solution.

  • I like my pants to provide additional stomach support. Why not have a little extra help built right into a great fit?

  • Stomach control isn't a priority for me. I'm simply looking for a great fit, and there are other details to consider.

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Find out how Instantly Slims You™ technology offers gentle control for a sleeker, more flattering silhouette.

4. I prefer a seat that is:

The right fit can flatter the shape of your seat. A flat backside can be made to look rounder, and a fuller one suddenly seem smaller.

  • I have a curvy seat and depend on a great fitting pair of jeans to give me the flattering look I want.

  • My seat has an average shape so I don't need any shaping or minimizing, just great styles.

  • My seat has a flat shape and I want my pants to complement me in the right places.

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Learn how the seat is cut for a comfortable fit and styled with details to make the most of your shape.

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