DIY Denim Ornaments (in 10 Minutes!)


Here at Lee, we’re always interested in creative ways to use denim. I love a crafty Christmas, especially when it involves breathing new life into something old. Yep, those old jeans buried in the back of your closet can be festive. Here’s how.

  • Denim scraps or old jeans (BONUS: Excuse to buy some new jeans?)
  • Clear plastic ball ornaments (Available at craft stores)
  • Scissors

1. Gather your supplies. You probably have old jeans and scissors already, so one quick trip to the craft store to pick up some clear ornaments will suffice!

2. Cut denim strips. You can make them as wide or as narrow as you’d like, just make sure they are somewhat uniform in size. We cut these about 0.5″ wide and 2-3″ long. No need to measure. These don’t need to be precise.

3. Fill ornament with denim. We made two — one small ornament and one large ornament. Just grab a few strips at a time and stuff them in the top!

4. Add a ribbon of denim. We liked the look of the inside of the inseam, and tied it in a bow to give the ornament a hanger.

That’s it! Now give your tree cozy appeal with your DIY denim ornament.

Feeling inspired?

Here are some more holiday denim projects we’re loving on Etsy.

I love the contrasting washes used on these denim stockings.

This nontraditional Christmas bow is perfect for your baby girl.

What a clever way to repurpose a pocket!

his garland is sure to be a conversation-starter in your home.

With all these fun projects, I have a feeling you’re going to need to restock your denim supply soon. Happy crafting!