Finding the Right Fit for Men


There’s no question that each of us has our own ideas on how our jeans should fit. Whether it’s our own unique bodies or our ever-evolving sense of style, it gets harder and harder to find a fit or style that isn’t loved by one and hated by another.

Everywhere you look there are different fits — from relaxed to bootcut to straight to slim to skinny, jeans are designed to look this way and feel that way. So why worry so much about what everyone else tells you to wear? Instead, let’s take a look at what you love most about jeans and work our way toward the right fit for you.

Jeans are comfortable in their very nature — traditionally offered as an alternative to dressier clothing that is still acceptable enough to wear in public. The jeans culture has evolved endlessly, however, and it’s quickly becoming just as easy to find jeans in the boardroom as it is in the garage. But no matter how fashionably you wear your denim, comfort should always be a factor. Even if you are looking for a super-slim and form-fitting jean, there is enough stretch and tailoring designed into most styles that you should still feel at home.

So when you are considering whether or not a pair of jeans fits you, remember to consider not only the correct size, but also whether or not you are comfortable in them.

Comfort can do wonders for your relationship with a pair of jeans. When you feel good, you’ll be more confident, and confidence is key to looking your best. You’ll be amazed at how easily the people around you can recognize how comfortable and confident you are with yourself.

The key here is to avoid the pitfall of just buying bigger jeans. Remember “Relaxed Fit” is a design element that should be left to the care of experienced professionals. Simply buying a bigger size of pants doesn’t have the same results as buying something designed to fit with more room. So if you value comfort above all else, look to a Relaxed Fit to give you the room you need without looking like you are borrowing someone else’s clothes!

If you are looking for a more trim look to complement your style or body type, remember the same applies to you — simply sizing down in a pair of jeans doesn’t necessarily give you the same results as finding a style that is designed to fit slim. You will find certain areas of the jeans will look too small, and while you may find an angle in the mirror that hides these flaws, others will quickly recognize the difference between a slim pair of jeans and a pair that’s just too tight.

Once you’ve decided on whether you like extra room or a more form-fitting style, you can take an honest look at each pair as you’re trying them on. I like to work my way from the top to the bottom, checking in at the waist, hips, thighs, knees and finally the leg opening. You may be open-minded to the shape of the lower legs, in which case it may not be worth really examining. But the waist, hips, thigh and knee will all play an important part in both the way a jean looks and feels in the end. These are the areas where jeans that are too big will look oversized and sloppy, and also where jeans that are too tight will pull and strain in an unflattering way.

Above is a great infographic created by Antonio of Real Men Real Style that breaks down some key fit elements for getting the perfect fit.

What are some issues you have when trying to find the right fit for you? Put your comments in the section below and our experts will help steer you toward the perfect pair!