Guys: How to Pull Off Colored Denim


Denim is a mainstay in every guy’s closet (or at least it should be!), but there are always a few pairs that seem to slowly make their way to back of your collection. These pairs may not fit quite right, or they may be just unconventional enough that you find them hard to make look right. Colored denim can be one of those tricky things to work into an existing wardrobe, but if done right, they can add a cool dynamic to looks that can otherwise start to feel stale. For that reason, whether you just picked up a pair of colored jeans, you are considering it or you’re just looking to make use of a past impulse buy, I’ve decided to post some ideas on how to pull off the “non-blues” of the denim color wheel.

1. Pair them with classic basics – Whenever you are struggling to make colored jeans work for you, always start the process by pairing them with a super easy basic. If you are trying to make the color stand out, I always suggest trying them with a white t-shirt or button down. And if you’d like to tone it down a bit, you can always try it with a tan or grey shirt. This will usually help take the edge off that color that probably was feeling a bit too bold.

2. Pair them with indigo – One of my favorite ways to style colored denim is by pairing it back to that classic indigo color. Denim and chambray shirts are usually easy and versatile, and they are at their best when in heavy rotation. The same goes for a jean jacket. Washed out indigo can round out pretty much any outfit, including one that starts with a more bold denim choice. Try a light colored denim shirt with some darker colored jeans for an easy look that will get you more comfortable wearing something new.

3. Get Into Fall – It’s officially fall, which means that you’ll have the option to break out your flannel again. Traditionally, you would only wear flannel with a classic indigo or black wash, but I think that grey jeans bring out the muted tones that make flannel shirts so popular. While it may seem like a stretch, you may end up surprising yourself. Some of my favorite looks were discovered on laundry day when I was forced to get a little more imaginative with what I had left in the dark recesses of my closet.

The bottom line here is that confidence may be the most important addition to your style. It’s important know the right time to break out something different like colored denim. I love working it in to some casual looks during the summer since I am spending a lot more time outside. It’s always good to match the mood of wherever you are going to be. So next time you are headed to a BBQ, concert or even a football game, consider having a little more fun with what you wear.