Men's Fall Style Made Easy

Fall style can mean one of two things for guys. If you are interested in clothing and enjoy the art of creating your own personal style, then fall is a great time of year. The weather is turning, which means you can finally consider wearing something more than a t-shirt without sweating through the summer heat. Every added layer to your wardrobe is an opportunity to express yourself and have some fun with clothing that, by itself, may have grown a bit stale or boring over the years. If you are like me, the opportunity to change up my look by just throwing a jacket on can make getting dressed fun again.

For a lot of guys though, and you may be one of them, summer is a delightful recess from having to worry about what you are going to wear. Everyone is more active in the summer, and especially here in the Midwest, people are often relegated to the standard shorts and a t-shirt for a good two months of the year. This blissful leveling of the playing field means everyone looks the same and nobody is wondering why you been sporting the same two pairs of shorts and five standard tees. With that being said, I’ve decided to hopefully meet everyone in the middle. There are two pieces of clothing that can serve to make your life easier and take out the guesswork of adding more pieces to the mix, OR offer up an opportunity to diversify and reload your closet for the time of year when you look your best.

1: Find that “It” jacket.

For guys that aren’t excited by the idea of having to successfully pick out more clothes, this will be a focus on utility. Think about your daily routine and lifestyle. What kind of jacket best fits your needs across the board? I would suggest finding something that is a dark, neutral color and is made of cotton. It’s always nice to have something other than that techy rain coat we were all convinced to buy the last time we were at a sporting goods store. It’ll look better when you are out at night, and it will probably be an easy layer to add to your work wardrobe. Two popular styles right now are the old school military jacket and the bomber. Each of these can either be dressed up or down fairly easily and can be layered as we enter the colder time of year. For guys looking to ramp up their closet, each of these styles can come either as simple or details-loaded as you like. Shop around for a while, and don’t just pick up the first one you like — buyer’s remorse is lurking around every corner. My suggestion is find something with cool-yet-subtle details found in elements like the buttons, ribbing or lining of the jacket. Little things like this can make all the difference without being ostentatious or going out of style after one season.

2: A great pair of jeans can go a long way.

With all the stories floating around about people wearing the same jeans without washing them for a year, a lot of guys might be a little weary of trying something new in the denim department. Rest easy, though, because those guys represent only a small percentage of guys that are successfully pulling off  high-end designer jeans. No matter who you are, a dark pair of jeans is an essential foundation to what you should be wearing through the fall. Find a pair that you are comfortable in, but don’t buy your jeans big. They may be comfortable on a Saturday morning on the couch, but you’ll look sloppy when you are trying to make them look right for a dinner or night out. Try a pair of our Modern Series Straight Leg styles – the Active Comfort Denim will move with you and feel comfortable without being baggy or oversized. For those of you who looking for the next “perfect pair,” consider checking out our Lee 101 collection. These jeans are as classic as they get, with details that will take you straight back to the glory days of denim. Cut and sewn from the best fabrics the world has to offer, the Lee 101 collection has the modern, slim fits you want with all the details that will have denim collectors in awe. Flip up the cuff and show off the selvage detailing for a subtle way to set your look apart. No matter how you feel about your style these two pieces can serve as a great foundation for this year’s fall wardrobe. Classic staples like these are going to look good and function well for years to come, and those jeans are only going to break in and get better season after season!