Calling all shakers, rule breakers, 
go getters, rain makers, dream chasers,
game changers.


It’s time to go go go.

Move Your Lee.

Mens Commercial

Lee Modern Series Jeans


We came up with Lee’s Modern Series Jeans for Men so you can crush it. Whatever it is.

Took amazing flexibility. Added crazy comfort.

Every fiber in our Modern Series Jeans for Men stretches four ways, just in case you feel like high kicking something. Our waistbands adjust to fit, so you can twist and bend away.

Oh and our new fits will make you the most wanted man anywhere you go.

But please. Use that swagger responsibly. You sexy beast.

Modern Series Jeans for Men are available in Big & Tall sizes.

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Lee Womens Commercial

Lee Modern Series



Our new Modern Series Jeans for Women are everything.

Incredibly flexible thanks to four-way stretch fibers, they twist and bend in ways you never imagined.

Soft fabric waistbands will have you whispering “namaste” all day.

And the new fits are crazy sexy trendy cool.

Time to turn it up.

Move Your Lee.

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Women's Buddy Lee 15 sec video

Modern Jeans for Women and Plus Women.

Go ahead.  Take Buddy for a spin.

Move Your Lee.

Men's Accordian

Men's Jeans

Play that Funky Squeezebox, Baby.

Move Your Lee.

Women Doctor Video

Lee Women Jeans

She's Good Like That. Really. Really Good.

Move Your Lee.

Lee Man Bball

Lee Men's Jeans

Life's a Slam Dunk. For a Lee Man.

Move Your Lee.

Lee Women Jackhammer

Lee Women's Jeans

Caution: Lee Woman at Work and Play.

Move Your Lee.

Lee Men Mowing

Men's Lee Jeans

The Lee Man. Always Starting Something.

Move Your Lee.

Lee Women Swan

Women's Lee Jeans

Graceful and Elegant, She Only Honks When She's Happy.

Move Your Lee.

Lee Men Parachute

Men's Lee Jeans

Whatever. Gravity Can't Keep a Lee Man Down.

Move Your Lee.

Lee Women Yoga

Women's Lee Jeans

Next Up, Downward Dog, Baby.

Move Your Lee.

Lee Men Pinata

Men's Lee Jeans

If life gives you a pinata...kick it and take the best candy.

Move Your Lee.

Lee Men Ski

Men's Lee Jeans

The thrill of the slope. The chill of the wind. The scent of pine home fragrance.

Move Your Lee.


Modern Series Jeans