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Lee Body Optix Makes Your Butt Look Amazing

Think you have a flat bum? Not anymore.

The beauty industry is the unequivocal master of launching cosmetics that combine the ideas of body enhancement and scientific advancements. Fashion is applying that same powerful combination to denim with the introduction of Lee Body Optix.

What is Lee Body Optix?

Essentially, what contouring makeup does for the face, Lee Body Optix does for a woman’s body. Amazing, right? This collection harnesses the idea of “design science” to create a denim line that delivers 360-degree enhancement to the female figure. That means maximizing curves and length where you want curves and length. Scientists worked hand-in-hand with designers to apply optical principles – what the eye sees and doesn’t see – to these premium denim pieces.

"Lee Body Optix resulted from the synergies between cognitive science, cutting-edge imaging technologies and advance material research,” says Steve Zades, vice president of global transformational innovation, VF Corporation. “Combining top fashion designers and cognitive scientists together is a new approach to apparel, and a dynamic fresh direction for the industry."

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The Science Behind the Science

So exactly how do those optical principles work? Nano lasering shades and contours the denim fabric, which is then complemented by strategically placed seams and pocket location. Pair that with geodesic shaping, pocket contouring and precise destruction, and the entire collection works optical wonders. The result is a line of high-end denim that visually lengthens the leg, slims the thigh, lifts the seat and contours the waist.

The Best Jeans for Women

First successfully launched in Asia and Europe, this collection now is here in the U.S. with 20 styles, ranging from denim jackets to high rise jeans to skinny jeans in a variety of washes.

"Lee has been designing jeans for women for nearly seven decades,” says Kim Yates, vice president of marketing. “We believe clothing should first and foremost have great fit, and enable women of all sizes to move boldly with style. Lee Body Optix delivers on these attributes and is an innovation game changer. We’re thrilled to offer it to our customers."

Lee Jeans Body Optix

Lee Jeans Body Optix