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It's not just about moving your body. It's about what stirs your soul. What drives you? What propels you? What makes you, YOU?
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Because what moves YOU may inspire the rest of us to move with you.

Farid M.

“Playing sports moves me. It’s less about competition and more about community – being outside and with your friends. It’s like being a kid again.”

Gina B.

"Strength training is incredible. You walk in everyday and go from thinking, ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘What else can I do?’”


“When you are able to create, you change lives...That’s what we’re here for, to add value to one another’s lives.”

Nicole E.

"The biggest adventure has been loving myself and figuring out what that looks like and going with it.”

Samantha G.

“I’ve been working on letting people know that I appreciate them… and tell people when I am glad they’re in my life.”


Christopher J.

“I’ve always been passionate about food. It brings people together, it builds a lot of friendships and it builds a lot of bonding time and I love that.”


Jennifer P.

“No matter what someone tells you is the right way to make art, think about what moves you.”

Brianne B.

“Life is an adventure. The biggest adventure to me is experiencing as much as you can.”

Adam B.

I really enjoy connecting with the students. Teachers don't do it for the money, they do it for the impact they make on students."

Sebastian C.

Family time is important…because you’ll never get it back..

Lizzy V.

Being independent is the way to be. Just be around really strong, feminine ladies and put your voice out there.

Shelton R.

Shelton’s style inspiration: “My uncle. He called it his grown man look, and I made it my own.

Ricky M.

(Boxing) teaches you to get knocked down and how to get back up.

Siobhan K.

I've gained more confidence in myself and it's allowed me to feel comfortable (in my own body).


The most rewarding part of being a disability advocate…is being able to see the happiness that they get.


Inspiration is a funny idea. It’s not something that comes along and strikes you. You have to listen for it.