Women’s Reissue Rigid Lee Rider 101J Jacket

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Color : Rigid

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The history behind this rigid and iconic Lee style stretches all the way to 1925, when the first 101J Rider jackets started popping up in our product catalogs. True to our origins in workwear, the Rider jacket was made for cowboys who spent their days working hard to earn a living by tending to their land. It's true: Lee is the original preferred brand of cowboys, and for good reason. Rider jackets were made to withstand anything that came a cowboy's way, and they still are. What worked for cowboys quickly became a style staple for every guy in America. It didn't take long for women to start borrowing the look for themselves, and soon the Ladies Lee Rider jacket was born. Search for a certain iconic blonde bombshell wearing a Lee Rider jacket on the set of her 1961 movie, The Misfits.

The Rider jacket is a classic. That's why you won't notice many differences between the original and our Reissue version. It's the same slimmed down, form-fitting cowboy jacket with slanted chest pockets and short-cut waistband. Made with lightweight left-hand twill cone denim and featuring our instantly recognizable zig-zag topstitching, the Reissue Rider jacket is where exquisite style collides with Lee's time-honored legacy.