Keep Styling With Corduroy Staples

Timeless classics, corduroy pants are the epitome of comfort and style. The definition of casual elegance, these pants offer versatility that lets you put together a fit to suit your ethos, whether you're a poet, scholar or trendsetter.

  Lots of people think corduroy is a type of fabric, but it's actually a pattern. The parallel lines are known as cords or wales, made from pile-cut yarn that gives cord pants their characteristic downy feel. Our corduroy pants style guide explains how to incorporate this hyped reemerging trend into your wardrobe.

Which Cuts Are Best for People Who Wear Jeans?

Like jeans, corduroys are well-made and long-lasting. Anyone looking for a way to add more variety to their drip while maintaining a relaxed yet stylish demeanor should try them out.

  We make men's corduroy pants in our iconic Alife® cut for a street, 80s throwback aesthetic. As they are equally suited to daily wear, a casual dinner date or night at the club, combine them with the Alife® Corduroy jean jacket for maximum impact.

  Our Corduroy High Rise Flare Jean women's corduroy pants are a natural choice for lovers of the figure-defining cut. Whether you are headed to a festival or hanging with friends listening to music at home, they command attention.

  In fact, any of our corduroy pants can make awesome replacements for jeans. Now that flares and street wear are back in a big way, it's time for everyone to add some texture and a new dimension to their style with at least one corduroy piece.

Jackets, Dresses and Union-Alls

Already a firm favorite, our men's Vintage Modern Sherpa Lined corduroy jacket and women’s Lee European Collection Corduroy Sherpa Lined Jacket banish winter while looking effortlessly lit. Made for daily wear in the colder months, they pair exquisitely boot cut jeans and layer a denim jacket over the top for maximum warmth. A popular choice for men is the Lee European Collection Double Pocket Corduroy Button Down Overshirt. Pair with the Lee European Collection Corduroy Button Down Shirt during fall or warmer winter days.

  Originally designed for utility but repopularized for informal high-fashion, Lee's corduroy union-alls are a mood. Forget about painstakingly combining pieces — throw on an instant matching fit, and layer up as much as necessary to stay warm. Choose a pair of high-heeled white boots and a chunky belt for the evening, or keep it casual with sneakers and a classic tee underneath.

Caring For Your Corduroy Pants

Many people's grandparents still have corduroy pieces from back in the day, which is a testimony to how durable this material can be. Save time asking them for advice on how to care for corduroy, and check out our quick care guide:

  • Do not use heat to dry corduroy pants, jackets, dresses and union-alls.

  • Instead, wash on a cold water setting with denim items to avoid heat damage.

  • Turn cords inside out before putting them in the washing machine to reduce fading or matted wales.

  • Check the label on specific garments for individual care instructions.

  • At Lee, we think cords and denim are casual lovers. Wear them together or switch them out to keep a consistently slick yet paired-back style.

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