Styling Your Jeans | How to cuff, pinroll, stack and more

There's nothing as versatile as a good pair of jeans, and with a few styling tricks, you can instantly change the look of your denim. Of course, a quick hem can alter the inseam of your jeans, but different cuffs and rolls can shake up your style on a daily basis. The best part? These looks don't require any cutting, so it's easy to style your jeans to complement your shoes, your outfit, or your mood.


The Perfect Jean Length

Style starts with the perfect fit—from the waist down to the cuffs of your jeans. They say the ideal length is when the denim hem brushes the tops of your shoes. But that's a bit of a relative; a pair of thin-soled sandals and a pair of boxy sneakers will create very different lengths when paired with denim. 


The Single Cuff

The Single Cuff

The single cuff is the ultimate classic. It’s versatile enough for most leg openings, and easy to pair with a wide range of shoe styles. If your jeans fit a little long, this takes them up by about one inch, so it's a quick and easy modification to create the perfect fit.

How to Cuff Your Denim:

1.  Take the hem of your jeans and gently fold about one inch of fabric upwards. 

2.  For a neat look, conceal the hemline by tucking it into the new cuff. You can also leave the hemline out for a more casual feel, which is great for frayed hems or denim with unique detailing.

3.  Check that the cuff is even on both legs by using your thumb to measure the length of the inside and outside seams of each cuff.  

Wear with: Flats and Sneakers

Cuff with: Women's Relaxed Fit Jeans, Women's Regular Fit JeansMen's Relaxed Fit Jeans and Men's Regular FIt Jeans

The Double Cuff

The Double Cuff

The double cuff is the classic 2.0. It takes up a little more length and still pairs easily with just about everything. Stick to two folds to keep the cuff from feeling bulky, but feel free to play with the length to create a shorter or longer cuff. Higher cuffed jeans show off your footwear, so skip the socks for a clean look or go bold with a colorful statement pair

How to Cuff Your Denim:

1.  Take the hem and fold just less than one inch of fabric upwards.

2.  Pinch the new hem and fold upwards again to create a 1.5-inch cuff (or less, or more, depending on your mood).

3. Run your thumb along the inside of the new cuff to even out any bunches or folds in the fabric and create a clean line.  

Wear with: Low-top Sneakers, Oxfords and Dress Shoes

Cuff with: Women's Straight Leg Jeans, and Men's Straight Leg Jeans

The Deep Cuff (A.K.A. The Long Single Cuff)

The Deep Cuff (A.K.A. the Long Single Cuff)

If you're looking for a style that incorporates a classic vintage feel, the deep cuff is the way to go. This technique takes serious length off your jeans, so it can help to use a pair that hangs too long over your shoes. The deep fit also tends to make you look less tall, so pair it with shoes that add a little extra height.

BONUS: If your jeans have a classic selvedge style, this look is the perfect way to show it off!

How to Create a Deep Cuff:

1. Grab the hem at the inside and outside seams and pull straight upwards to create a two-inch cuff.

2. Using your thumbs to measure, check the length at the seams to ensure an even fit on both legs.  

Wear with: Classic High Tops, Boots and Platform Soles

Cuff with: Women's Slim Fit Jeans and Men's Slim Fit Jeans

The Half Cuff

The Half Cuff

A combination of the deep cuff and double cuff, the half cuff adds a little extra volume and style to the bottom of your jeans. It's a messy casual look, so play it up with sneakers or balance it out with a dressy heel.

How to Create a Half Cuff:

1. Start by creating an extra deep cuff. Grab the hem at both seams and fold upwards to make a four-inch cuff.

2. Take the old hem and fold it downwards over the new hem until it sits about halfway down. 

3. For an extra casual feel, bunch the cuff to add a little more volume.  

Wear with: Low-top Sneakers and Heels

Cuff with: Women's Relaxed Fit JeansWomen’s Boyfriend Jeans and Men's Relaxed Fit Jeans

The Tight Roll

The Tight Roll

It's nearly impossible to create a neatly folded cuff with skinny jeans, so the tight roll offers a stylish way to take in your closer-fitting pants with a messier, deliberately mussed style. This works best with thin summer denim, as thick denim can look bulky when bunched around your ankles.

How to Roll Up Jeans:

1.  Starting at the hem, pinch the denim and begin rolling up.

2. Create a tight, rounded doughnut shape that fits snuggly around your ankles.

Wear with: Chelsea Boots, Low Tops and Sandals

Cuff with: Women’s Skinny Jeans

The Pinroll (A.K.A. The Pinroll)

The Pinroll (a.k.a. the Pinchroll)

The pinroll is a cuff that does double duty. It takes up length while modifying your denim to fit closely around the ankles. Pinrolling is perfect for when you want to tame a relaxed or baggy pair of jeans for a more modern look.

How to Pinroll Jeans:

1. Pinch the inner seam at the hem of your jeans, and pull it taught.

2. Fold the fabric sideways, against the side of your leg, and apply pressure. Make sure the fit is as tight as possible.

3. Holding that spot in place, begin folding upwards to create a one-inch cuff. Begin folding near the inside seam, and then work around your whole leg. If you're having trouble keeping the fabric in place, you can secure it with a safety pin that will be concealed after you complete the next step. 

4. Create a second one-inch fold to secure the new hem in a tight fit against your ankle. The bottom of your jeans will look like a classic double cuff, but with the bonus of creating a close fit that won’t slip.

Wear with: Low Sneakers, Slip-ons and Heels

Cuff with: Women's Relaxed Fit JeansWomen’s Straight Leg JeansMen's Relaxed Fit Jeans and Men’s Straight Leg Jeans

Stacking Your Jeans

Stacking Your Jeans

While cuffing and rolling help bring your jeans to the perfect length, stacking embraces the extra fabric for an effortlessly casual vibe. Wearing your denim this way on a regular basis creates a honeycomb fade effect, giving your jeans that added cool factor.

How to Stack Jeans:

There's no tuck or cuff to stacking; the fabric simply rests on the top of your shoes and bunches into a small pile of folds. The key to stacking is less about technique and more about finding the perfect pairing of jeans and shoes. Your denim needs a slim fit with extra length to create the folds, while your sneakers or boots need a sturdy build with a lip to support the stack. With the right combination of denim length and shoe height, your jeans will naturally stack for an easy, casual look.

Wear with: Sneakers and Timberlands

Cuff with: Women’s Slim Fit Jeans and Men’s Slim Fit Jeans


The same jeans can feel completely different with just a few simple styling tricks. Embrace extra fabric by stacking your denim for a casual look or find the perfect fit for you with a cuff or roll that fits your jeans and shows off your favorite pair of shoes.


Sometimes though you just want the perfect length, no styling required. Hemming jeans to the perfect length might be for you.

A new hem modifies the length of your jeans without adding any bulk, so it works easily with any style of pant. While the classic perfect fit is a popular choice, you can also take it a little bit higher and create a trendy cropped hem that shows off your favorite high-top shoes. 

There are also several styling options for the hem itself. A smooth hem has no visible stitch, giving your jeans a minimalist look that's perfect for smart casual styles. For a more laidback feel, play with distressed hems and cutoffs that add a vintage touch to any ensemble.


Now that you know all the trending ways to style your favorite denim, it’s time to find some jeans to style. Also, don’t forget to check out our Denim Care Guide for easy tips keeping your jeans like-new.

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