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Pro Tips: How to Choose a Pair of Lee Men’s Khaki Pants

Khaki pants. Those ubiquitous wardrobe workhorses for all your business casualness. And whether you call them chinos, slacks, or trousers, finding the right pair of men’s pants can be tricky. But we’re about to give you the insider intel on what to look for.

Style & Fit. Modern khaki pants are more tapered and tailored than the baggy pants of yore. Look for flat-front styles with a straight or tapered leg, which yields a more fitted appearance. That said, a strategic pleat or two can offer more room for athletic builds.

Color. With its history rooted in utilitarian beige, men’s khakis come in a slew of color choices today. Looking for a new hue? Try a gray or navy. Still neutral, these colors work well with button-downs and blazers you likely already own.

Length.Ideally, casual chinos and khakis should graze the tops of your shoes. For more professional occasions, choose pants that drape 1 to 2 inches, which usually means a crease or two as they hit your shoes. Heads up: You don’t want a puddle of excess pant around your ankles nor heels.

There’s a reason why men’s khakis are still a thing. From a classic t-shirt & flip-flops to a sport coat & loafers, they work dressed down, dressed up and everything in between. Shop for your next pair of men’s pants at