The Legendary Union-All

Some styles only get better with time, which is certainly true for the legendary Lee® Union-All. Lee's one-piece coveralls were purposefully made to match the lifestyles and needs of farmers, miners, railroad workers, ranchers, and other laborers pursuing the American dream. Originally designed with auto mechanics in mind, the Union-All was brought to life by sewing a Lee jacket onto a pair of pants in 1913. This iconic piece of workwear heritage was then commissioned by the US government to outfit WWI soldiers. In the years to come, Lee launched renditions of the one-piece for women and children. After a slow start, the style’s eventual success forced Lee to temporarily stop production in order to open new factories to keep up with demand.

Authentic Lee Details

Clearly, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to the Union-All. “Look for the triple stitch and the label,” advertisements said, but the earliest versions of the coverall we all know and love today also featured riveted steel buttons, whip-stitched buttonholes, dual chest pockets, and dual hand pockets. From 1917 to 1919, the Union-All even became the focus of an advertising campaign in the Saturday Evening Post—the first of its kind for work clothing. When the war ended, there was a ready-made market for Union-Alls among men returning home. By 1927, Lee began offering a zip-front in addition to the original button-front style.

Workwear Remixed

In terms of buttons and labels, Lee Union-Alls have been reworked and remixed plenty of times throughout the years, but why change a good thing? We didn’t. To this day, our Union-All is still crafted with comfort, purpose, and versatility in mind. Plus, every rendition of the modern-day Lee Union-All comes with all the authentic details you’d expect from a collectible yet wearable piece of workwear history. Long or short, in denim, corduroy, or our signature Chetopa Twill, Union-Alls are a timeless style that will continue to win the hearts of workwear enthusiasts.

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