Want to reorder something you absolutely love? Make sure it’s exactly the same item by following this easy guide.

FIND THE LABEL  Take a look at the label inside your item.  It’s usually around the waistband of your bottoms or along the side seam of your tops.

FIND THE CODE  Now look for either a 5-digit STYLE code or a 7-digit SKU code.  The STYLE or SKU code is usually located right above the SIZE of your garment on the label.

ENTER THE CODE   Almost done!  Take the 5-digit STYLE code or 7-digit SKU code and enter it in the SEARCH box on Lee.com.  The SEARCH box on Lee.com is located at the top of the navigation.

PLEASE NOTE   We update our product selection every season so on occasion, a certain color may not be available.

JUST IN CASE  If you can’t find your favorite product, give us a call.  Our Consumer Services team will be delighted to help you find a new favorite from a current season.