Washing instructions are printed on a white tag inside our garments. Following our product care instructions will help make sure that your clothing has a long life. In general, washing your clothing in cold or warm water with mild laundry soap and drying it as specified are the best ways to clean Lee® products.

Product Care Guide


Instructions for Applying Patches


1. Set iron to "cotton” or 315 degrees and let iron heat for several minutes.

2. Smooth fabric of garment by ironing the area where patch will be placed.

3. Place patch upon garment with the embroidered design facing up.

4. Place cloth or thin towel over patch.

5. Press very firmly and iron area for 15 seconds, using a slow, circular motion.

6. Turn garment inside out and iron the back of the patch for 15 seconds, using a slow, circular motion.

7. Allow patch to cool for 60 seconds. Test adhesion by gently lifting edge of patch. If the edge can be lifted, repeat steps 4-7.

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